A quick and easy Image, Screenshot and Screen recording sharing tool.
I developed ImgurSniper in my free time as an open source project a while ago using C#.NET and the WPF UI Framework

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In a team of four, we developed the Drei Friendfinder application for the company Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH as our diploma project for the TGM. The application included two native mobile applications, Android and iOS, and used Firebase and Firestore as it's backend.
Over the course of the year we learned many valuable lessons about project management and our programming environments.
I developed the iOS application using Swift/Cocoa Touch, and implemented the MVVM design pattern using RxSwift to keep things clean.


A full-fledged infrastructure-, employee-, project- and budget-management and analysis tool.
I developed Forecast for a company as a freelancer contract over the course of the last school-year using C#.NET and the WPF UI Framework utilizing the MVVM pattern.
The project also includes a MSSQL database which is used through the EntityFramework Core library.
I learned to use enterprise tools and understood how to design big applications while still keeping an eye on performance, code styling and design.


A fast and clean supervised neural network in C++, capable of effectively using multiple cores.
I originally developed BrabeNetz for a school assignment and took it a few steps further by implementing other features. It contains the library (which is public on NuGet) and a demo application for recognising digits

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A desktop application for finding games to play you and your friends have on Steam.
Written in my free time using C#.NET and WPF utilizing the MVVM design pattern

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A text or date poll application including statistics and notifications with a WPF MVVM Windows and CLI cross-platform frontend.
Developed for a school assignment in a team of four, this was the first project using my own MVVM library Jellyfish as a backbone.
The application used the EntityFramework Core library to connect with the MSSQL database

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A high performance .NET library for reading and creating animated GIFs written in my free time while developing ImgurSniper to simplify the GIF recording process using C#.NET

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An incredibly lightweight and type safe MVVM library for .NET WPF, Silverlight, Xamarin and UWP written in C#.NET.
I developed this library, as it drastically reduces my MVVM boilerplate code and includes useful helper functions and extensions for common MVVM operations

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An async Google Nearby Messages API Wrapper for React Native (Android & iOS) written in TypeScript, Swift (Objective-C) and Android. I created the library because there was no good alternative. It's public on npm.

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BlurHash is a compact representation of a placeholder for an image. It creates a colorful blurred Image from a short string, which can be used as a placeholder for a loading image view. The native UI module is written in TypeScript, Swift (Objective-C) and Kotlin and therefore supports Android and iOS (React Native). It's public on npm.

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