My Projects

🏢 Margelo

I built the high-end development agency "Margelo". We work with high-profile clients such as Red Bull, Shopify, Expensify, Coinbase and more.

📱 ShadowLens

I built the fastest Camera app. The perfect shot, right at your fingertips!

🔧 react-native-vision-camera

I built the best Camera library for React Native.

🔧 react-native-mmkv

I built the fastest key/value storage for React Native since all other solutions were too slow.

🔧 react-native-blurhash

I built a native Blurhash view for React Native to show loading placeholders.

🔧 react-native-graph

I built the fastest and smoothest Graph library for React Native.

🔧 react-native-fast-tflite

I built the fastest TensorFlow Lite library for React Native.

🔧 react-native-multithreading

I built a proof-of-concept Worker library for React Native.

🔧 react-native-google-nearby-messages

I built a React Native wrapper around Google Nearby Messages to communicate with nearby phones.

🔧 Jellyfish

I built a light MVVM library for C# WPF.

📱 Colorwaver

I built a realtime color-palette detection app using React Native.

📱 Fiddle

I built a fast REPL for Windows to instantly run C#, Java, Lua, Python or VB snippets.

📱 GameFinder

I built an app for Windows to find matching games to play with your Steam friends.

📱 Steddy

I contributed to- and invested into Steddy, a fitness app.

🔧 react-native-worklets-core

I co-authored and contributed to react-native-worklets-core, Worklet primites for React Native.

🔧 react-native-wishlist

I co-authored and contributed to the best list solution for React Native.

🔧 react-native-bignumber

I contributed to the fastest Bignumber library for React Native.

🔧 react-native-quick-crypto

I contributed to the fastest Crypto library for React Native.

🔧 react-native-reanimated

I contributed to react-native-reanimated for a while, and still do from time to time.

🔧 react-native-skia

I actively contribute to react-native-skia.

🔧 expo

I worked at Expo for a few weeks.

🔧 react-native-navigation

I contributed to react-native-navigation for a while.