I'm on the React Native Radio Podcast!!


Jamon, CTO of Infinite Red, invited me to a guest episode on the most famous React Native podcast - React Native Radio. I've never been on a podcast before so this was a pretty cool experience for me - we recorded the podcast through zoom and had a fun time chatting about life. Turns out Jamon has a pretty good accent when speaking german!

We talked about myself and how I got into React Native, how I founded Margelo, what VisionCamera is and why it is a gamechanger for the entire mobile camera industry, and what new features the V3 release will bring.

A screenshot of me, Jamon and Mazen recording the podcast.

The new Frame Processors Skia integration allows you to draw onto a Camera Frame in realtime:

Demo of VisionCamera V3 #2

Additionally, the Worklets integration gets improved as well allowing you to use models straight from JavaScript - no more native Frame Processor Plugins!

Listen to the podcast now: 🎙️ React Native Radio #269 - VisionCamera V3 with Marc Rousavy

Thanks Jamon & Mazen, maybe we'll chat again soon on another episode! (or a Stream?)

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